MF 4 Yuuki Yamanouchi
山之内 優貴

Nickname: Yama / Yuki
Personal Motto: I keep on trying until my dreams come true.

Message For Supporters:
Let's not give up and hang on till the end together! Please support us!


Date Of Birth 1994年09月18日 Favorite Food Eel / Oysters / Roast meat / Sushi
Hometown Kagoshima Least Favorite Food
Blood A Favorite Color White
Height/Weight 183/73 Hobby Fishing / Hot spring
Favorite Celebrity What does football mean to you? All
Favorite Player Special Skill
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right(28.5cm)/ 左(Left) Age I started to play football/Reason 7 / I recommend my acquaintance.
Person I respect Kazuya MORISHITA


Previous Teams As A Player

Suzuka Rampole→ Oita Trinita

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