DF 2 Kazuki Sumiishi
住石 加寿己

Nickname: Sumi
Personal Motto: Live and let live

Message For Supporters:
Count on my play with fighting spirit

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Date Of Birth 1997年05月12日 Favorite Food Curry
Hometown Yamagata Least Favorite Food Pickles
Blood O Favorite Color Red
Height/Weight 181/83 Hobby SNS
Favorite Celebrity Kanna Hashimoto What does football mean to you? Water
Favorite Player Otamendi Special Skill Collecting date
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right(28.5cm)/Right) Age I started to play football/Reason 4/ I started to play football because of my brother
Person I respect Shinsuke Shimada


Previous Teams As A Player

Matsubara SSS → Sakata Daisan Jr High School → Yamagata Chuo High Shool → SC Velbert → SG Eintracht Mendig Bell

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