DF 2 Tomoki Menda
免田 朋己

Nickname: Mendy
Personal Motto: Practice makes perfect.

Message For Supporters:
I will do my best to be the champion of 4 titles.
Please support us!

Volley Shoot

Date Of Birth 1993年07月06日 Favorite Food meat
Hometown Hyogo Least Favorite Food
Blood A Favorite Color Orange
Height/Weight 181/72 Hobby I like to check on starbucks coffee.
Favorite Celebrity What does football mean to you? No Soccer No Life
Favorite Player Special Skill Swimming
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right(27cm)/ Right Age I started to play football/Reason 4 / It was effected at my elder brother.
Person I respect My parents


Previous Teams As A Player

Vissel Kobe U-18 → Doshisha University

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