FW 11 Kenya Takahashi
髙橋 建也

Nickname: Kenya
Personal Motto: One life/ Thank you.

Message For Supporters:
I will do my best. Please support us.

Dribble/ Shoot

Date Of Birth 1995年08月22日 Favorite Food Beef/ Sushi
Hometown Shiga Least Favorite Food Coconut Juice
Blood A Favorite Color White/ Orange
Height/Weight 168/67 Hobby Travel/ Eating
Favorite Celebrity Kayutoyo Koyabu What does football mean to you? Football is a thing I can be serious.
Favorite Player Baggio Special Skill Bowling
Dominant foot(size)/hand Left(26cm)/ Age I started to play football/Reason 5/ I started to play football because of my brother
Person I respect Parents


Previous Teams As A Player

Imazu Junior High School→ Yamanashigakuin High School → Yamanashi Gakuin University

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