DF 13 Yasutaka Yanagi
柳 育崇

Nickname: Yanagi
Personal Motto: Size of difficult = Size of possibility

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I will do my best to the team get 4 titles.
Please support us!

Headding / Shoot

Date Of Birth 1994年06月22日 Favorite Food Sushi
Hometown Chiba Least Favorite Food Kidney beans
Blood O Favorite Color Orange
Height/Weight 187/83 Hobby Reading book
Favorite Celebrity Airi Taira What does football mean to you? Football = Me
Favorite Player Lewandowski Special Skill I can move my pectrals muscle.
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right(28cm)/ Right Age I started to play football/Reason 6 / It was effected by my brother.
Person I respect My parents


Previous Teams As A Player

Yachiyo High School → Senshu University

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