FW 14 Taku Morinaga
森永 卓

Nickname: Taku
Personal Motto: "A Small Giant"

Message For Supporters:
I love Albirex! We fight together!

Last pass for goal/ Stamina/ Technique

Date Of Birth 1995年05月18日 Favorite Food Meat
Hometown Fukuoka Least Favorite Food Mushroom
Blood O Favorite Color White
Height/Weight 153/55 Hobby Shopping
Favorite Celebrity Beat Takeshi What does football mean to you? Life
Favorite Player Kei Koizumi Special Skill Hide-and-seek (Hide)
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right(24cm)/Right Age I started to play football/Reason 9/ I started to play football because of my brother and mother.
Person I respect Hitoshi Matsumoto(Down Town)


Previous Teams As A Player

Kokura Minami FC → Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School → Ryutsu Keizai University

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