FW 18 Ibuki Inoue
井上 歩紀

Nickname: Ibuki
Personal Motto: Laugh and get fat

Message For Supporters:
I will do my best for Albirex!!

Agressive play in front of goal

Date Of Birth 1999年06月06日 Favorite Food Sushi
Hometown Osaka Least Favorite Food Salted Plum
Blood Favorite Color Blue
Height/Weight 180/79 Hobby Watching movies
Favorite Celebrity Sandwichman What does football mean to you? Necessity
Favorite Player Drogba Special Skill Going back to sleep early
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right(27.5cm)/Right Age I started to play football/Reason 5/ I started to play football because of my brother.
Person I respect Former teacher


Previous Teams As A Player

Gamba Osaka Jr → Aoyamadai Jr High School → Daisho Gakuen High School

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