MF 10 Adam Swandi
アダム スワンディ

Nickname: Adam
Personal Motto: Respect and you will be respected

Message For Supporters:
Thank you all for your never ending support for the club and I hope to see you at all our matches this year!


Date Of Birth 1996年01月12日 Favorite Food Mom's Cooking
Hometown Singapore Least Favorite Food Durian
Blood Favorite Color Black
Height/Weight 171/63 Hobby
Favorite Celebrity What does football mean to you? A lifestyle
Favorite Player Coutinho Special Skill
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right/Right Age I started to play football/Reason 4/ I started to play football because of my mother.
Person I respect


Previous Teams As A Player

National Football Academy → FC. Metz (France) → Young Lions → Home Utd FC

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