FW 8 Hiroyoshi Kamata
鎌田 啓義

Nickname: Hiro
Personal Motto: Hate losing

Message For Supporters:
I will do my best for each match. Please support us!

Dribble / Shoot

Date Of Birth 1997年04月04日 Favorite Food Meat
Hometown Niigata Least Favorite Food
Blood AB Favorite Color White / Black
Height/Weight 165/60 Hobby Watching the K-1
Favorite Celebrity What does football mean to you? My life
Favorite Player Tatsuya TANAKA Special Skill
Dominant foot(size)/hand Right(25.5cm)/ RIght Age I started to play football/Reason 6 / I finally tried it and it was fun.
Person I respect Tatsuya TANAKA


Previous Teams As A Player

Albirex Niigata Junior youth → Albirex Niigata U-18

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