Notice of Establishment of Overseas Subsidiary (Hong Kong)

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ALBIREX SINGAPORE PTE LTD (Headquarter in Singapore, Managing Director & CEO Daisuke Korenaga) has established a new company ALBIREX HONG KONG LIMITED, which will handle various businesses in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (hereafter “Hong Kong”)


■The Purpose of Subsidiary Establishment

We are the only company in the world to operate a professional football team consistingonly of Japanese athletes in the top league outside of Japan. We focus on businessrelated to sports such as soccer school, cheer dance school and overseas study programaround the world. We are currently operating in Singapore, Myanmar and Spain.

Due to the number of Japanese residing in Hong Kong steadily increasing in recent years, we decided to establish a subsidiary in Hong Kong, a central city of economy, to complement the operations in Singapore, which is a financial center of Asia.

In order to be a bridge between Japan and Hong Kong and Mainland China, we will work on building various business including sports development.


■Outline of subsidiary

(1) Company Name


(2) Company Name, Chinese


(3) Company location

Hong Kong

(4) President

Daisuke Korenaga

(5) Business contents


(6) The date of foundation

18 September 2017

(7) Shareholder