White Swans Repeat Quadruple Feat in Dramatic Cup Final Penalty Shoot-out

The White Swans leave it late to repeat our Quadruple Feat for the 2nd year in a row.

Veteran and Star Goalkeeper showcased why he had around 300 J.League games under his belt. He was seen encouraging his teammates before the penalty shoot-out and gesturing for them to calm down. Probably his composed demeanour was a pillar of strength for the team as we converted 3 out of 4 penalties while Global Cebu FC fluffed their first 2 tries.

It was appropriate that Nozawa made the game-winning save for Global’s 4th penalty when he dived low to his right to punch the ball away. The team and Albirex supporters broke into delirium immediately after the save. We have done it again!

Global gave Albirex a tough fight by coming back twice after the White Swans took the lead both times, first by Golden Boot Winner, Tsubasa Sano in the first half, and then by Player of the Year Nominee, Kento Nagasaki, in the 2nd half. Both times, Global scored through a head from a free-kick on the right wing. Head Coach, Yoshinaga, lamented during the press conference that defending set pieces is something he will have to work on in future.

However, Albirex was not to be denied in its relentless quest for trophies and we won the Quadruple again!

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