Souta Sugiyama (Kaishi Gakuen JSC) confirmed to join White Swans for 2019 Singapore Premier League


Thank you for your warm support. We are pleased to announce that Souta Sugiyama (Kaishi Gakuen Japan Soccer College High School) has confirmed to join Albirex Niigata FC (S) to play for 2019 Singapore Premier League.


■ Name:Souta Sugiyama
■ Position:DF
■ Date of Birth:7 November, 2000
■ Height/Weight:180cm / 67kg
■ Hometown:Aichi
■ Team History:Nagakute SSS → Nagakute Minami Junior High School → Kaishi Gakuen Japan Soccer College High School
■ Strength:Covering, Build-Up play with left foot, and One-on-One play with physical strength.


Comment from Souta Sugiyama
”My name is Souta Sugiyama from Kaishi Gakuen Japan Soccer College High School, Niigata prefecture. I’m really happy to be a professional football player which has been my dream since my childhood. I appreciate all those who have supported me in my life, and I will repay my gratitude back to them with my performances in football, so please give me your support.”


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