Contract renewal with 4 players for 2019 season

Thank you for your warm support. We are pleased to announce that Albirex Niigata FC (S) has renewed contract with 4 players below for 2019 season.

DF Shuhei SASAHARA / DF Kaishu YAMAZAKI / MF Hiroyoshi KAMATA /


◾Date of Birth:22 Nov 1996
◾Height/Weight:185cm / 78kg
◾History:AFC Partida Kagoshima → Shugakukan High School → Sagan Tosu → Tokai University
◾Career statistics:

Season League League (goals) League Cup (goals) SG Cup (goals)
2018 SPL 23(1) n/a 5(0)

・SPL total:23 appearance 1 goal
・Singapore Cup total:5 appearance 0 goal

◾Message from Shuhei SASAHARA
“I will play for Albirex Niigata FC (S) in the 2019 season as well. In my first year, it was difficult for me to adjust to the Singapore lifestyle and environment even though I could play for the official matches. This year, I will continue to work hard to contribute to the victory of the team. Please support us, Thank you!”


◾Date of Birth:12 July 1997
◾Height/Weight:183cm / 79kg
◾History:Nagareyama Tsubasa SC → Kashiwa Reysol U-12 → Kashiwa Reysol U-15 → Kashiwa Reysol U-18 → SVDarmstadt98 U-19 → IWAKI FC
◾Career statistics:

Season League League (goals) League Cup (goals) SG Cup (goals)
2018 SPL 15(0) n/a 3(0)

・SPL total:15 appearance 0 goal
・Singapore Cup total:3 appearance 0 goal

◾Message from Kaishu YAMAZAKI
“I will play for Albirex Niigata FC (S) this year as well. I will try my best to lead the team, so please support us.”

Hiroyoshi KAMATA

◾Date of Birth : 4 Apr 1997
◾Height/ Weight : 165cm / 60kg
◾Hometown : Niigata
◾History : Mizuhara SC → FC. Agano → Albirex Niigata Jr Youth → Albirex Niigata U-18
◾Career statistics :

Season League League (goals) League Cup (goals) SG Cup (goals)
2016 S.League 23(3) 5(1) 5(0)
2017 S.League 24(4) 5(0) 5(1)
2018 SPL 24(5) n/a 5(1)

・S.League/SPL total:71 appearance 12 goals
・League Cup total:10 appearance 1 goal
・Singapore Cup total:15 appearance 2 goals

◾Message from Hiroyoshi KAMATA
“I believe that our perfect sweep last year was done with all the support from whom that have committed Albirex. Thank you very much. I am happy to play for the team this year as well. We aim for the perfect sweep for the fourth consecutive year. The team and I will work together to fight for the results, so please support us.”


◾Date of Birth:9 Apr 1999
◾Height/ Weight:178cm / 71kg
◾History:Elfer Tsubame Jr → Nagaoka JYFC U-12 → Nagaoka JYFC → Teikyo Nagaoka High School
◾Career statistics:

Season League League (goals) League Cup (goals) SG Cup (goals)
2018 SPL 7(1) n/a 0(0)

・SPL total:7 appearance 1 goal
・Singapore Cup total:0 appearance 0 goal

◾Message from Kodai SUMIKAWA
“I played for Albirex Niigata FC (S) in the 2018 season and will play in the 2019 season as well. I will do my best to develop myself and to contribute more towards the victory of the team. I will play to compete and conquer for the 4th consecutive year, so please support us.”


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