CSR Activity Report『Albirex Dance Clinic supported by DENKA』on Thu 18 July

Thank you for your warm support.

Supported by Denka Chemical Holdings Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Albirex Singapore Cheerdance School conducted a lesson for students of Fuhua Primary School on Thu 18 July as part of our Community Outreach (CSR) activities.

In this CSR activity, we taught cheer dance to 11 students who have dance experience. We also taught choreography for the Opening of SMART Spaces of Fuhua Primary School.

The students were coached by our club Cheerdance School Instructor, SATO coach / Okajima coach.

The students who exercise from day to day showed very active and powerful dance.
There were also students who struggled with unfamiliar choreography at the time of choreographing instruction, but at the end all the members learned the choreography and it was great that they danced impressively.

At the end of the session, the students said “It was a lot of fun” and “Please teach us again,” and at the same time we are very happy,

We would like to actively carry out activities that will delight more students in the future.







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