Activity report “Yuhua Charity Walk for RICE 2019” on Sunday 13th October

Thank you for your warm support.

Our players and coaching staffs participated at the “Yuhua Charity Walk for RICE 2019” organized by Yuhua Community Club on Sunday 13th October.

The event participation fee is $ 2 per person, and the amount collected will be used in “Prosperity Rice Package”, during Chinese New Year event organized by Yuhua every year.
*”Prosperity Rice Package” is an event that distributes rice and fruits to the elderly to celebrate Chinese New Year throughout the district.

“Yuhua Charity Walk for RICE 2019” was attended by many local residents.

During the event, our players participated by walking and doing gymnastics with local residents.
We walked in the Yuhua district where players usually live.
We were able to enjoy this event by interacting with the local people with English and gestures.
After the event, one local residents said, “Albirex players power activates the area. I would like to thank you for participating in this event, and I hope that you will continue to excite Yuhua together.”
We received many other words of encouragement, and all players and staffs are determined to fight the remaining official matches one by one and to give the local people a little energy and courage.
We really appreciate the people in Yuhua for their support and will continue to actively participate in district events so that we return the favor.










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