Report for “2019 Albirex Year End Party”

Thank you for your warm support.
We held “2019 Albirex Year End Party” for our partner companies and Yuhua Community to showing our appreciation for their kind support throughout 2019 season.

Our main partner Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. and other partners participated.
Below is the highlights of the party.


Cheer dance school kids and White Swans have livened up the party with energetic performance!


Ms.Noriko Gunji,President & CEO, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. gave speech to our guests and made toast.


Players who played in the 2019 season greeted partner companies and Yuhua Community people to say thanks for your support throughout 2019 season.
The party has been filled with positive atmosphere.



We held lucky draw with luxurious prizes with the support of partner companies!
Congratulations to the winners!



We also held “Cheque presentation Ceremony” for the Yuhua community based on our MOU with them.
This year, we donate S$18,074 to Yuhua.

Lastly, Our Head Coach, Keiji Shigetomi gave thank you speech to all guests.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and who supported us this season.
Thank you for your continued support for us this season.


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