【Special Interview】Looking back at 2019 season #9 Hiroyoshi Kamata (Part 1)

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Albirex Niigata Singapore lost in the group stage of Singapore Cup on 23rd Oct. At that time, the 2019 season was over for them.
This year was a challenging year for Albirex Niigata Singapore as new young players joined and Shigetomi assumed the position of head coach. They could not achieve to win the 3 titles, but they were encouraged by many supporters.
We look back at the current season with our players and head coach at 3 different parts in this special interview.
At first, we interviewed our player, Hiroyoshi Kamata who played all SPL games this season.
He shared his story about this season with us in the first part of his interview.


No title since 2014. It was regrettable season.

How was this season for you?
Kamata I don’t think this season was good. We lost the game many times and could not win the game which we were supposed to win. We could not capture any titles.
The team could not win the games for this young season. Out first victory was scored against Balestier at 4th leg. At that time, did you think that the team could not keep going on like that situation?
Kamata Yes, we did. We discussed between our players. However, actually, the team sometimes could not work out as we imagined.
After mid-season, the team come through difficult times (Ex. Some player got injured/Away game continued) How did you overcome such difficulties?
Kamata Regarding injury, it could not be helped. The available members did their best. We didn’t think that we needed to change our play due to injured members. We did what we could to the best of our ability.
This year was 4th year for you. Were there any differences between this season and previous season which won 3 consecutive SPL titles.
Kamata There were some players who had many experiences until last season. However, there was no well experienced player during this season. In addition to this, many young players have newly joined. Therefore, we might not be fully organized as a team.
Age limit was set last year. The team became younger especially at this year.
Kamata Well… as I have more experience than the newly joined young members, I thought I had to lead the team. As winning streak gave us a better chance of succeeding, it was important to generate such good situation. But it was difficult for us.
On the other hand, New Singaporean players joined the team. When Daniel got a goal for the first time, all team members celebrated him. It made an impression to supporter.
Kamata It was fantastic that many Singaporeans in a Japanese football team, we hoped that the Singaporeans players can score. I was very happy with his goal.

Next time, We will focus on his individual play and interviewed him.


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