【Special Interview】Looking back at 2019 season #10 Kyoga Nakamura (Part 1)

Thank you for your warm support.
This is the special interview that looks back on the season with the players.
The second is the appearance of Kyoga Nakamura, our team captain.

This time, Nakamura talked about the entire season.

It was a regrettable season,
but I developed better as a footballer and captain.

Nakamura was the team captain for the 2019 season
How was this season for you?
Namamura Our goal was to win the SPL, and my target was to record double-digits goals and assists. However, I could not achieve it. To be honest, it was a regrettable season. 
On the other hand, I developed better. It was the first time for me to continue to play in a game throughout the season since I became a professional player. I understood the difficulties to inspire the members even though I was made the captain of our team this season.
What did you think about playing in Singapore?
Namamura I felt that SPL was better than I had imagined. I used to think the teams of SPL play a game by individual. But, actually, many teams competed against each other to win by utilizing the strength of the team.
In addition to this, I think many teams grew stronger as a team throughout the season, the SPL will progress more from now on.
We finished 4th out of 9 competitors in SPL. What did you think about that?
Namamura I wanted to achieve good result and repay people who always gave us a warm support even when the team condition was bad. So I apologize to them that it ended up like this. We did our best as a team.

First win of game against Belastier that felt the power of support.

Who was the most memorable player you’ve played against?
Namamura The most memorable players were Charlie Clough(Brunei DPMM #5), Jonathan Béhé(Worriers #9), and Shahdan Sulaiman(Tampines #8).
Charlie Clough is clever and outstanding player. He was always at the place where other players don’t like, it was difficult for me to get a goal.
I think Jonathan Béhé is one of the best players in SPL. He runs so fast and has technique, strong body and many good points.
I played with Shahdan Sulaiman together in the Singapore selection team. Then I was surprised at his skill of forward pass. I like he is always composed. I hope to play with him again.
What was the most memorable game you’ve played?
Nakamura First one was the game against Home United at Community Shield. As it was the first game for us in this season, all of us played nervously. However, we lost the game and saw in person that Home United won the trophy. Then I was so frustrated. So it was the most memorable game for me.
Second one is the game against Balestier in SPL. It was difficult game for us. When we could get the winning goal in additional time in second half, we felt the power of support was awesome.
I thought the goal was scored because of our supporters. The game was like a miracle. And it was the most memorable game in which we won for the first time in this season.
Supporters who are delighted with the goal of winning over the match against Balestier(2019 SPL 4th Leg)
You had played in J league until previous season. What is the difference between SPL and J league?Nakamura SPL differ from J league in terms of physicality, they were aggresive. However, they hardly played to confuse other people by eye movement and so on. It looked like their play was honest. I like playing style that confuses another person. So I launched such play actively.

How was a pitch in Singapore? Almost all of stadiums in Singapore use artificial turf, is it hard on your body?
Nakamura I did not care too much about it. However, it took time to get used to it. Because the material of the artificial turf differs from the other stadiums.
I felt a ball used in SPL and in Japan are different in terms of weight, material and so on.
(*1)23rd Feb The match ended in 0-0. It was a disappointing game that we missed the title after losing 4-5 in the penalty shootout.
(*2)2019 SPL 4th Leg In additional time, #11 Hiraga scored the winning goal and got the first win of the 2019 season.
Next time, We will focus on the meaning of his goal performance and play of this season.


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