【Special Interview】Looking back at 2019 season #1 Fukudome Kengo (Part 2)

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Continuing from part 1, Fukudome Kengo looks back on this season.
(Part 1: http://www.albirex.com.sg/en/archives/38277/)

We asked him about his thoughts on the players, staff and team.

I thought that it was necessary to be able to tighten the team in an emergency.

In terms of position, when attacking, you often watched field players from behind, but what was the team doing as a GK in order to score and win?
Fukudome  During the game, I was very commanding. For example, when there was an atmosphere in the team that something was wrong, there was a case in which each player could not digest it well and the play was affected. In such a case, I was trying to give encouragement. On the other hand, when we were taking the lead, I was consciously conveying that I should go aggressively without going out of our way and improve our concentration.

In practice, you often train differently from field players, but are you talking to each other in various ways?
Fukudome Before the practice and during the break between exercises, I observed the details of the field players and the situation. I intended to understand my role in the team, but it is not always positive for the teammate to convey what I thought, so I adjusted the sense of distance in consideration of the character and situation of each player when communicating. GK position pattern, because I look at the whole during the game, it may have been so naturally during practice 

It seems that Fukudome’s role in the team is largely due to the fact that the team is the only overage frame, but have you been particularly aware of it?

Fukudome  It is the balance of distance with the players. It is important to be able to talk about anything, but I thought that it was necessary to be able to tighten the team in an emergency, so I was aware that the distance was not too close and not too far away. It was difficult, but there were many things I could study as a person. 

Did you learn something because you were able to fight with a team of young players?

Fukudome Yes. I did. The possibilities of young people are endless and they have big goals. I learned many things about them during the league games and practices with them.

Our GK team is the most excellent team in my football life. 

How was your relationship with HyrulNizam?

Fukudome We built a good relationship. I suppose that he was frustrated and I think he had various feelings such as “I want to save the team” especially when the team is in a bad situation, but he always supported me when I participated in a game and he gave me a lot of encouragement even during practice.I really appreciated him. Our GK team is the most excellent team in my football life. 

I think the GK team (Scott Coach, Ah Lau, Fukudome, and Kawagoe) had very good relationship.
Fukudome When I talked with Scott, I knew that the playing style he was asking for was almost the same as playing style I was looking for. We always trained for the game, and we looked at the difference between our subjective feeling and objective feeling by watching the videos, and we corrected the detailed techniques and tactics. He gave all of the GKs feedback. So I could exchange his opinions with other players and learnt many things. Scott’s existence was great for me, and I think that no matter where he is in the world, he is wonderful. I have the utmost respect for him as GK coach.
Who do you admire as GK?
Fukudome I have admire Oliver Rolf Kahn since I was young. Compared to the time when he was playing, the elements required of GK have changed greatly, but I think that the crucial things as a GK that does not change at any age。Active professional GK, Marc-André ter Stegen(FC Barcelona), Alisson(Liverpool) and Yann Sommer (Mönchengladbach)
inspire me and I get a learn from them because their performances are similar to the playing style which I inspire.

Next time, He talked about his individual play and his feelings for supporters.



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