Result of Training Match on Sun, 16 February 2020

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Below are the details for the training match result against Young Lions which was held on Sun, 16 February 2020.
Sun, 16 February 2020
17:30 Kick Off
Young Lions
Jurong East Stadium
【Full Time Score】
Albirex Niigata FC Singapore:3
Young Lions:1
【Albirex Niigata FC Singapore Scorer】
37’ 10 DOI Tomoyuki (PK)
47’ 10 DOI Tomoyuki
55’ 13 TANIGUCHI Ryoya

【Starting Eleven】
5 HASHIOKA Kazuki (C)
3 TAKEDA Kotaro
8 KAMATA Hiroyoshi
6 Gareth Low
28 Trainee
17 Iman Hakim
10 DOI Tomoyuki
45’ 6 Gareth Low → 7 KURISHIMA Kenta
66′ 8 KAMATA Hiroyoshi → 20 HANADA Yasuhiro
71’ 28 Trainee → 27 Ong Yu En
75’ 17 Iman Hakim → 18 TAKAHASHI Mahiro
【Comment from SHIGETOMI】
Since we conceded a goal from the setpiece, we must make sure that we will not be off our guard.
I think that we have to improve on what did not go well in the match, such as simply looking at the opponent’s starting position and aiming to play behind the opponent.
Even if there was an interruption of about one hour due to lightning alert, we were able to concentrate and make a good entry, and today’s major theme, “Pressing as a whole team”, actually leads to the goal. I think that it was very good point.
【Comment from OKAWA(#1)】
For the first time this season, we conceded the opener, but it was good to be able to reverse the score and win.
There were times when we couldn’t concentrate as a team, so we have to keep the concentration for 90 minutes.
Also, I think one of the themes is how quickly to adapt to the opponent’s football style in the match as we will play them again in the league.
【Comment from MITSUZUKA(#14)】
I got opportunity to play, I wanted to get more involved with the ball. I wanted to play more towards the goal. I would like to stick to the number of plays directly related to the goal, such as scores and assists.
【Comment from YU EN(#27)】
I’m happy to get some playing time in this game. Albirex players are very good, it will be tough for me to start the match. But I will adjust to do my best every time and for myself to make more playing time.
(What challenging task do you feel?) I think the physical. I need to be stronger even in training. Everyday I will try to get stronger and give to my 100%.

TAKEDA(#3) giving instructions to his teammates

DOI(#10) Scored 2 goals yesterday

Iman(#17) displayed his imaginative play

OKAWA(#1) looking for options to pass

Head Coach, who spoke “We still have to focus on quality”, had a toned look



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