Result of SPL 1st Leg vs Geylang International FC on Sat, 29 February 2020

Thank you for your warm support.
Below are the details for the SPL 1st Leg result against Geylang International FC which was held on Sat, 29 February 2020.
Sat, 29 February 2020
17:30 Kick Off
Geylang International FC
Jurong East Stadium
【Full Time Score】
Albirex Niigata FC Singapore:4
Geylang International FC:0
【Albirex Niigata FC Singapore Scorer】
40′ Nishiguchi Reo
52′ Nagasawa Ryosuke
60′ Doi Tomoyuki (PK)
77′ Taniguchi Ryoya
【Comment from SHIGETOMI】
Our players seemed nervous because of the opening match, but I think it was important to be able to score the first goal in the first half. In the second half we were able to play with momentum and there were 2 red cards for Geylang I think it was good that we could press in the whole match. However, we had a lot of chances to score, so I think we need to continue training to convert them.
Also, thanks to the support of the supporters, we were able to start well in the opening match.
We will switch on and prepare for the next three points, so please continue to support us. Thank you very much.
【Comment from NISHIGUCHI】
We felt nervous in this opening match, and the atmosphere of the team was tense. But when we scored the first goal, it was very pleasant.
After scoring, we became dominant with the ball, but it would have been better if we could play football at our own pace without keeping pace of the opponent.
(To all supporters)
It was very helpful to have many supporters that came. We look forward to your continuous support.
【Comment from DOI】
I was nervous in the opening match and had a difficult start, but I was playing without feeling any pressure, so it was good to be able to score a goal in the second half penalty. My target is to be the top scorer, it is not enough to get 1 goal each match, but I could score, so I am relieved.
It was my first SPL match, but honestly, I didn’t think that so many supporters would come. Thank you very much for coming today.
【Comment from NAGASAWA】
I had missed a chance in a training match so far, so I’m relieved to be able to score a goal in the opening match. I am not satisfied with this and I want to keep in mind that I want to score in every match.
(To all supporters)
Thank you very much for your support. The matches will continue, so I’m glad if you could come to the stadium again to support.










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