【Match Result】SPL 4th Leg vs Tanjong Pagar United FC on Fri, 20 March 2020

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Below are the details for the SPL 4th Leg result against Tanjong Pagar United FC which was held on Fri, 20 March 2020.

Fri, 20 March 2020
19:45 Kick Off
Tanjong Pagar United FC
Jurong East Stadium
【Full Time Score】
Albirex Niigata FC Singapore:2
Tanjong Pagar United FC:2
【Albirex Niigata FC Singapore Scorer】
58′ Nishiguchi Reo
83′ Doi Tomoyuki
【Comment from SHIGETOMI】
We didn’t use many things we learned from the match against Balestier Khalsa. It was clear that what the opponent wanted to do , but we conceed the first goal that shouldn’t be given. I think the whole team needs to have more sense of responsiblity, and each one of us must continue to fight on and pressure the opponent.
【Comment from SAKUMA】
I think that the fact that I did not win in the duel with the opponent FW or fouled was the reason that we could not keep the momentum despite knowing that the opponent would aim. I think we might have too confident of the opening unbeaten pre-season match. So I will continue to work on my daily training to bring back the hunger of winning spirit again.
【Comment from HASHIOKA】
As in the match against Balestier Khalsa, despite knowing the target of the opponent, we allow them to come to us. It means that we are loose or weakness, so we have to reflect on it. Also, because we have not been able to overcome the momentum, such as creating a foul in our own half and allowing the goal, we have to work more on our weakness and strength again.
It’s clear what the team need to do now, looking into our own weakness and work hard for next match against Sailors.
【Comment from KAMATA】
I wanted to score and bring good atmosphere to the team. I wanted to win this match.
I think our big problem not be able to scored many times from set piece. Even though we could catch up with the tie, I think we still lack of strength as we have not been able to win in this 2 matches.
For next match, I think Sailors who have not yet won this season will be heading with a strong feeling to beat us, but we are more hunger to win and we cannot lose.








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