【SPL】Match Result vs Young Lions on Sunday 18th October

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Below are the details for the SPL 4th Leg result against Young Lions which was held on Sunday 18 October 2020.

Sunday 18th October 2020
17:30 Kick Off
Young Lions
Jurong West Stadium
【Full Time Score】
Albirex Niigata FC Singapore:4
Young Lions:0
【Albirex Niigata FC Singapore Scorer】
7′ Taniguchi Ryoya
13′ Nishiguchi Reo
65′ Nagasawa Ryosuke
74′ Doi Tomoyuki
【Comment from Shigetomi】
We scored 4 goals, but I told the players that we would never be satisfied because we missed many chances to score and we encounter many dangerous move from the counter attack.
However, I expected it to be a difficult match for the team to settle down fast for this first match after 7 months. I think it was good that we score an early goal.
(Mahiro and Yu En made their professional debut in Albirex)
I want to give them more playing time. I think both took the chances and got opportunity to score and played with confident. I hope they will continue train hard.
【Comment from Ryoya】
I spent time thinking a lot when I couldn’t play soccer, and sometimes I got stressed and though too much. I am glad today’s win because we play as a team.
I was little bit nervous because this is my first time call up as Starting XI.
The cross came from Fai(Fairoz) is well taken and I’m glad to score.
I think my role in the team is contribute opportunity for goals. I am very happy I done it and we won the match today. I will continue to do it.
【Comment from Reo】
(You scored a beautiful volley shoot)
I was the one who was surprised that.
I was wondering whether to jump or not, but as a result of kicking with consciousness to target, I am glad that I got a good goal. The cross from Hassy (#5 Hashioka) was perfect.
We all are hunger looking forward to this match being unable to play competiton for 7 months. So, I was very excited and looking forward to play in this match today, and I think everyone was enthusiastic about the first match.
We can still build our strength, I will train hard and increase the intensity of my daily training, continue to win the matches, and definitely win the SPL title.
【Comment from Kotaro】
I’m a defensive player, and before the resumption, we conceded goals in 2 out of 3 matches. So I am prepare well for clean sheet no more goal conceded.
Today match a few dangerous counter attack came, I think we have to work on it. I will do my best so we will be able to finish the next match without any goal conceded also.
I know that our fans and supporters want to see us bring back the title, so I will do my best give my 100% performance in all matches to thanks our fans who supporting us.



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