【Special Interview】Looking back at 2019 season #9 Hiroyoshi Kamata (Part 2)

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Continuing from part 1, Hiroyoshi Kamata looks back on this season in the first special interview.
(Part 1: http://www.albirex.com.sg/en/archives/37692/)

Kamata shares his story about his individual performance with us in part 2 of his interview.

This is the first time that I played full game for all SPL games.
Any position will do if the team can get better.


You showed a presence in many positions and played all SPL games.
Kamata This was the first time for me to play full game for all SPL games. To be honest, I was so happy. Since I heard from my team member that it is possible to achieve to play full game for all SPL games, I was more careful not to get any injuries and did my best.
How did you think that you play the various positions?
Kamata I am good at playing positions called halfback or Number ten. But considering team condition, I tried to play each position to make the team better. As a result, I played as left back at almost half of all games.
You did not get injury for this season. Did you have any routines before a game?
Kamata Nothing special. I did some stretches and took light exercise to strengthen the core of the body. After a game, we are sure to form a circle with our full team.
You scored 7 goals during this season. This is the highest goal count in the team. Your goal often decided the outcome of the game (Ex. against Young Lions*1).
Kamata To be honest, I suppose I could score more. This point is the issue for me.
The winning goal in the game against Young Lions*1 was epic goal, but as I also had a chance of getting a goal in the first half of the game, I wish I could have gotten a goal at that time.
On the other hand, this season over, what do you think that you grew?
Kamata The number of shots increased. I think I developed hitting the targets more accurately.
In addition to this, there were times when I relied on members who had had many experiences until last season, but I could play to lead the team to victory in this season.
By the way, How was a pitch in Singapore? It looks that our Japanese players who this is first time to play in Singapore were struggling with playing on artificial turf.
Kamata As I have played on artificial turf since I was youth, I think I was used to being in such a pitch. However, as the characteristic of my playing style is agility, I was careful about my football studs.
I didn’t leave our team due to injury during this season. Because I made it a habit to stretch around my knee.

”Thoughts make things”


Do you have any words or values you like in your football career?
Kamata I like the word ”Thoughts make things”. An acquaintance told me this word 2 years ago. It means “Thinking future image make the image real. If you think that is impossible even a little bit, the image will not become a reality.” Of course, thoughts don’t make all things, but I had an experience that I could get a goal.
*1 : 2019/4/21 SPL 6th leg Kamata scored the winning goal in additional time in the second half.
Next time, Kamata will share his memorable game and his appreciation for his supporters with us. 


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