【Special Interview】Looking back at 2019 season #10 Nakamura Kyoga (Part 2)

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Continuing from part 1, Nakamura Kyoga looks back on this season.
(Part 1: http://www.albirex.com.sg/en/archives/37873/)

Nakamura told us about his individual performance.


I got confidence by evaluation from people around me and played well throughout the season.

Leaded the team with the best sense of attack
You were starting player for all SPL games except one game and scored 7 goals and had 8 assists in this season. Why could you be active in this season?

Nakumura Because I prepared well for the games. I take pride in devoting so much of my time to football more than anybody. On the other hand, I wish I could have done much better in this season.

You were selected the Singapore selection team, Young player of the month, and Team of the year and obtained a good appraisal.

Nakumura The team didn’t achieve good results. In that time, I was frustrated to receive the awards. Our team got me to win the awards, so I think that the awards are not just for me. However, I was really happy SPL gave me a good appraisal. I felt confident about myself because it was the first time to win an award as a professional football player.

Please mark your play throughout this season out of 100.

Nakamura I mark 60. Because I think both our team and me could achieve better results.

What is your confidence?

Nakamura I could know that my breadth of vision and my technique worked in SPL. It gave me confidence. If I can improve my play which is not very consistent, SPL has many transitions. 
I need to improve my defense technique which I recognize as my issue from before. However, as my interception rate increased in accordance with the second half of the season, I think my skill has been improving.

You scored many middle-range shot in this season. Did you try to score middle-range shot?

Nakamura Yes. 6 out of 7 goals I have scored were middle-range shot. As my position dropped back this season, I have been practicing middle-range / long-range shots for a year. I was happy that the practice led to a better result.

Your goal in the game against Home United*1 was especially superb goal.

Nakamura Thanks. As I saw that GK moved forward, I shot. Then I thought calmly about how I got a goal. It was good that I got a goal according to practice.


Goals dedicated to important people

Speaking of Nakamura, the performance after your goal was memorable. What did the performance mean?
A unique goal performance that makes W with pieces of both hands

Nakamura It meant that I offer my goal to my best friend and relative who died when they were young.

Before a game, we often saw you raised your forefinger of the left/right both hands. Did this performance also have special meaning?

Nakamura It was exercise for ocular muscle. I heard that it was training to expand eyesight and develop sense of distance and started this training when I was in my final year of high school. Thanks to that, I have come to be able to make a long pass better than before. So I make it a rule to do this training before a game.

Nakamura doing eye movements using fingers of both hands

Did you have any other routines before a game?

Nakamura I did core stretching each time. I saw the pictures of important people such as my family and my friends and lifted my mood that I will do my best for the people cheering for me. In addition, I watched the movie which I gathered my great play so that I can play a game with good image and made a bow when stepping onto a pitch. These are my routine.
(*1)18th July,2019 SPL 16th Leg, Nakamura’s goal nominated for the 2019 SPL Goal of the Year.



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