【Special Interview】Looking back at 2019 season #1 Fukudome Kengo (Part 3)


Continuing from part 1 and part 2, Fukudome Kengo looks back on this season
This is the last part of Special Interview.
(Part 1: http://www.albirex.com.sg/en/archives/38277/)
(Part 2: http://www.albirex.com.sg/en/archives/38296/)

He talked about his individual play and his feelings for supporters.

I was able to demonstrate what I was doing in practice as it was in the game.

How do you evaluate your play this season?
Fukudome I am not satisfied with the individual results. I came to Singapore to achieve a better result and wanted to decrease the number of points lost.
You participated in almost all of the games and were active as 1st GK in this season. What was something that you kept in your mind to perform better as 1st GK. 

Fukudome I think that one mistake made by GK can lead to lost points and the quality of my performance can lead to team results. I always understood about what I should do to win and took those steps. 

Are there any new issues that have been discovered in the process?

Fukudome I still have issues. The level I want to be at is much higher, and the world standards such as technique and physical strength are higher, so I feel that I am still not there. I would like to continue to seriously face these issues in the future.

Is there anything you feel responsive to?

Fukudome I felt responsive to the fact that I was able to demonstrate what I was doing in practice as it was in the game. GK has the difficulties that the situation we expect does not always happen in the game. For that reason, I have worked hard on how to prepare for the best action for the situation at hand. The experience that I was able to demonstrate were the results in the actual game.

Speaking of Fukudome, There is an image of being strong in a one-on-one situation.

Fukudome What I am conscious of is how to keep standing on the spot and make the goal visible to the opponent smaller. I think I’m winning when I can, so I just take action on the ball that came. The most important point is to stay on the spot until the very last moment without being confused by various information. In situations where the opponent is also nervous, if I can prevent the opponent from hitting the best shot by mentally winning, then I can win by saving. 

For the opponent’s play, the word “action” is used instead of “reaction”. Are you consciously using active words?
Fukudome You are very sharp. Usually, GK moves in response to the opponent’s action, so the word “reaction” is often used, but I predict the opponent’s action from various situations in advance and prepare myself to take action. I’m always active. However, if I think about opponent’s play too much, I will be trapped in it and I will not be able to move freely, so I have a certain image, but I do not think about how it will move specifically. I’m thinking about how to move in response to the opponent’s action as my “action”.

This is the most difficult and interesting point for a GK.

Your support really encouraged our players.

You participated in the activity for community contribution such as Yuhua as a member of Albirex Niigata FC(S).
Fukudome At first, I was not sure that we could participate in such activity because Singapore is small country and whether there was community activities. These activities contributes to local people and it is important for our team to be cheered and supported by not only Japanese but also Singaporeans. It is awesome to volunteer in such activities which were good for both the local community and for us. I was very happy that I could contribute to the community activties. 

What do you think about the supporters of Albirex Niigata FC(S)?
Fukudome Especially the mood in our home games which was full of our supporters, it made us feel positive and motivated us. Even though there were times where some games were delayed because of thunder, a lot of supporters stayed and cheered for us until the end of the game. Their support really encouraged all of our players. Thanks to their support, I was able to perform better and achieve good results. I cannot thank you enough for cheering for us for this season.

Please give a message to the supporters.

Fukudome Thank you so much for cheering for us this season. Finally, we could not achieve satisfactory results and there were many games that you could be frustrated while watching our games. In that time, your support really encouraged our players. Thanks to that, we could play with full energy. I really appreciate you. I hope that you will continue to cheer and support for Albirex Niigata FC(S) so that Albirex Niigata FC(S) will be able to be strong and good team with your continuous support.




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