FAS Awards Night 2020


Thank you for your warm support.
FAS Awards Night 2020 held on 7th December, each awards for 2020 season were announced.
For us, our captain Hashioka was selected Team of the Year, our Head coach Shigetomi was selected Coach of the Year, and we received Fair Play Award.
In addition, Kitman Roy received FAS Special Recognition Award for his long-standing contribution to the Singapore football.
Thank you for your continued support for the 2020 season.

Team of the Year 【Defenders】

Hashioka Kazuki
First of all, I am glad that I was able to receive this award. I believe this result of having teammates who fought together. I will continue to work hard and contribute to the team. I’m happy with this fulfilling year. Thank you very much.

Coach of the Year

Shigetomi Keiji
I am very happy to receive this award.
Sponsors and our fans who support us always,
Coaching staff, office staff, who help the activities of the team
And above all, the players who worked hard until the end of the season
I think I was able to receive the award thanks to all

FAS Special Recognition Award

Roy Krishnan
I’m really happy and honored to received this award.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who help me. Thank you.

Fair Play Award

Albirex Niigata FC Singapore
Photo : Football Association of Singapore


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