[Photo Report] 2022 YAFA (Yuhua Albirex Football Academy) Event


On Sunday 12th June, an interaction event was held with players from YAFA (Yuhua Albirex Football Academy).
YAFA is an academy established in collaboration with our hometown Yuhua, which has been active since 2014 with the aim of improving children's football skills and developing their character through football, but was forced to suspend its activities from 2020 due to the covid-19.
However, following the lift of restrictions on the number of outdoor activities, the YAFA resumed its activities for the first time in two years and held interaction event with our professional team players and staff.

The session started at Fuhua Secondary School, but just as the children were getting to know each other through introductions and warm-ups, it unfortunately rained. We moved to the nearby HDB for some activities at the void deck.

The trainer Ueda was in charge. A relay-style race to use plastic bottles was held under rules requiring balance and flexibility.

Soon after, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Ms Grace Fu, visited the venue and graced the event.
This was followed by messages from Minister Grace Fu and YAFA Vice-President Mui Tee to the children participating in YAFA.
'It is with the help of many people that we can enjoy football. Let's be thankful to our families, coaches and friends who play football with you. Let's not forget the memories of this fun we had as adults, and let's work together so that when we have children of our own, they will be able to enjoy what they love to do.'

Afterwards, it was time for photo opportunities and everyone seemed to enjoy interacting with the players.

Many of players and staff have memories of coming into interact with professional players when they were young, and there is no doubt that they were given dreams and courage through these interactions at the time. It is our mission as a football club to pass on those dreams and courage to the next generation, and we will continue to be active in order to become a club that is loved by more people.

At the end of this event, it was announced that the YAFA children would be invited to the next home game.
We hope to give the children even more dreams and courage in the home game on 19th June and in the SPL that will continue for more months.

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