New official Partner contract (Club Partner) with EAA Direct (Nova Foresta Pte Ltd)

Thank you for your warm support.
We are pleased to announce that we have signed a new official Partner contract (Club Partner) with EAA Direct (Nova Foresta Inc.).

EAA Direct is a product designed and developed by Tadanari Lee, a player of our club.
The product is scheduledfor release in Singapore on August 8 (Mon.)

Company Profile

Corporate Name

Nova Foresta Inc.


Tadanari Lee


5-7-6 Yanagisawa, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo

Official Online Store

If you want to purchase from Japan

Purchase via Subscription:
Regular Purchase :

Scheduled for release in Singapore on August 8 (Mon.)

Partner Details

  • Stadium banner display
  • Offerings EAA Direct's for SPL 25 Match

Comment from Tadanari Lee

We are happy to help the players unlock their potential.  I hope to continue to support the players from Albirex Niigata FC Singapore and I dream of the day when they are able to play for the Japanese National Team. I would like to thank all of the team staff who have allowed me to support them as a player and a sponsor. I will do my utmost best to support Albirex Niigata Singapore.

EAA Direct【The first EAA-based jelly drink in the world.】

EAA Supplementary Nutritional Gelly is the first of its kind aimed at top athletes and businesspeople who face challenges in taking care of their physical health and maintaining their performance. This product effectively supplies the 9 essential amino acids which cannot be produced by the human body. This product is perfect for those who want that extra boost of energy before a hard workout or those who want to supplement their nutrition on busy mornings.

Product Outline

  • Product Name:EAA DIRECT
  • Price:3300yen(Incl. Tax)【Set of 6】
  • Contents:180g×6 pcs.
  • Country of manufacture:Japan  
  • Flavor:Apple flavor

Three features of "EAA DIRECT

  • Nutrient absorption in 30 minutes after ingestion.It's effective even during exercise.
    The product contains EAA, an essential amino acid that efficiently builds muscle, It is absorbed into the body within about 30 minutes after ingestion, which is four times faster than typical protein, The product maintains a high level of amino acids in the body, allowing performance to be maintained.This product is fully effective when taken immediately before or during exercise.
  • Extra concentrated jelly
    EAA is highly concentrated and 8,000 milligrams of EAA contains 15 types of vitamins, minerals and BCAAs, allowing you to take care of your physical health. EAA can be taken as a breakfast replacement, before a match for that extra boost in performance or before a meeting to improve concentration.
  • This product is certified under the "Informed Sports", an anti-doping certification program set up by the UK company LCG.
    As we want our product to be consumed by current and future athletes, we have ensured that our product is certified. It can safely be taken even during important matches.

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