【Photo Report】Albirex Niigata Football Club (S) Fan event!!


On Saturday, December 2nd, we held an event with children from our soccer school, cheer dance school, football academy, YAFA (Yuhua Albirex Football Academy) and 20 children from the general application.
YAFA is an academy established in cooperation with the Yuhua community.

The venue was our home, Jurong East Stadium. Blessed with fine weather, all 130 participants gathered on the pitch for a day of physical exercise and interaction with the top team players.

First, our goal keeper, Hassan Sunny gave the speech.

He thanked them for their support and said he wanted everyone to have fun the day.

And then, There was a performance by the cheer dance school students. The have performed well throuout season at home matches, but this was a rare opportunity to see them up close and personal. The students from the cheer school demonstrated the fruits of their daily practice with outstanding skill and enthusiasm!

The session started with a catch and catch.
Players and top team staff also took part, running around.

【#6 Asahi Yokokawa】

Each school was then divided into teams and played a mini-game of football with top team players.

【#53 Hilman Norhisam】

They enjoyed the rare opportunity to play football with professional players.

After the session, Tadanari Lee and coach Kazuaki Yoshinaga gave messages to the children on behalf of the players.

【#19 Tadanari Lee】

【Head Coach,  Kazuaki Yoshinaga】

They expressed their hope that children will continue to enjoy football and cheerleading, and remain enthusiastic supporters of the club.

Afterwards, We took group photo and each sudent seemed to enjoy interacting with the top team players.

It was our final activity in 2023 season.
Again, huge thank you to everyone for your unwavering support.

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