『Albirex Sports Development Fund』Adam Swandi joins Albirex Niigata (Japan) training


Thank you for your warm support. We are pleased to announce that Adam Swandi (MF 10) will be joining Albirex Niigata (Japan) training session for a week. This is made possible by the Albirex Sports Development Fund which was established in Nov 2016.

In 2017, Albirex brought two local boys to Niigata for cultural experience such as visiting Sado Mine, Japanese summer festival, and fruits harvesting. This year, Albirex has decided to send Adam Swandi, a young star and future leading player for Singapore National Team, to contribute more directly to Singapore Football. Albirex is hoping that Adam's challenge in Niigata will develop himself and he brings this experience back to Singapore.

10 MF Adam Swandi

Sun 2 Sep: Travel (Singapore to Niigata)
Mon 3 Sep - Sun 9 Sep: Training
Mon 10 Sep: Travel(Niigata to Singapore)

■Comment from Adam Swandi
"I have been in Niigata twice in the past, both time I joined Albirex Niigata's training. I clearly remember the "Real" professional players' performance and behavior. I thought that I wanted to be such player. This time, Niigata allowed me to join their training. I am grateful to both club Albirex Niigata and Singapore. Albirex Sports Development Fund and existence of Albirex Singapore are very positive not only for myself but also for Singapore Football."

What is Albirex Sports Development Fund
Press conference for 2017 Albirex Sports Development Fund



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